Carbon management Energy is an essential enabler of human progress. Advancing human progress and economic development while tackling the global climate issue is the great challenge of our time. The transition to a low carbon future will be a complex process. Alternatives will take significant time and sustained investment to meet a meaningful share of the rising global energy demand. To maintain energy security and meet the needs of a rising global population hydrocarbon-based energy sources will be counted on to meet the bulk of the world’s energy demand well into the future. We are committed to playing our part by employing an interdisciplinary approach to innovative and cost-effective solutions for carbon management, focusing on CO2 capture and sequestration, CO2 emissions reduction and converting emissions to value. Carbon capture We believe capturing and storing CO2 could potentially contribute to significantly reducing global emissions. Carbon capture and sequestration is the process of capturing waste CO2 from large sources, such as power plants, storing it and depositing it underground so it will not enter the atmosphere.


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